Magic Spring Delivers

Magic Spring Delivers

A Natural Phenomenon
Magic Springs is conveniently located in the pristine Piccadilly Valley of the Adelaide Hills.

A family business, Magic Springs backs on to the Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens and sits above a natural aquifer that contains an abundance of pure spring water.

The origins of Magic Springs water is rainfall, which over time has slowly seeped through millions of tons of rock.

This natural filtration process gives Magic Springs water its fresh, natural taste that is quite simply magic!

Serious About Our Business
Magic Springs operates within a strict policy not only from an occupational health viewpoint but also from a food safety perspective.

All our Natural Spring Water is bottled at source and is packaged by ourselves with nothing added and nothing taken away.
Because the Magic Springs water is completely pure, the only additional treatment is a filtration process.

It will come as no surprise that our Natural Spring Water is tested regularly by certified laboratories and always exceeds requirement!