1.5 Litre Bottle

Magic Springs - Spring Water Bottle 1.5 LitreMagic Springs are please to offer their 1.5 Litre Bottle of Pure Spring Water.

Bottled at source in The Adelaide Hills, Magic Springs Pure Spring Water is extracted from a natural aquifer that contains an abundance of pure spring water.

The origins of Magic Springs water is rainfall, which over time has slowly seeped through millions of tons of rock.
This natural filtration process gives Magic Springs water its fresh, natural taste that is quite simply magic!

Absolutely nothing is added to Magic Springs Pure Spring Water. Independent tests show that it is free from all contaminants, preservatives and chemicals.

Magic Springs water is sure to satisfy the most discerning palate because it is pure spring water bottled at the source and delivered direct to you.

Also available in these bottle sizes
350mL600mL1 Litre10 Litre Cask

Now you can satisfy your senses and experience the magic of pure spring water.